Music Pool Berlin joins new Generation!

  • Posted on: 16 January 2024
  • By: Eileen Möller

Drumroll, please! 

Exciting news from us! 

We're cranking up the volume and spreading our knowledge now also on TikTok! 

At Music Pool Berlin, we're not just giving you the best help, we're also making moves on TikTok! Follow us @musicpoolberlin for an exclusive backstage pass to the heartbeat of Berlin's music scene. 

 Curious about what we do? Music Pool Berlin is THE hub for musicians and music professionals in Berlin!  Our consultations and events, led by expert professionals and key players in the music scene, are designed to equip musicians with the tools, information, and network opportunities they need to thrive in today's music industry. 

Our mission is simple - empower musicians for success!  Join us on TikTok for a fun-filled journey through the rhythm and soul of Berlin's music community. Let's groove together and build a stronger, more connected music scene! 

Follow us @musicpoolberlin and let the musical adventure begin!  #MusicPoolBerlin #MusicalJourney #BerlinMusicScene