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  • Popschule Berlin - Educational institut for musicians of popmusic and popbusiness 
  • hdpk- University for bachelor and master education in the media and music industry. (B.A. media management, B.A. Mediadesign, B.A.Music production, B.A. Audio design, M.A. Media psychologie, M.A. amusement communication)
  • Jam School- musicschool of Noisy Musicworld 
  • Noisy Academy- proffessional music educatuon in e.g.  Mixing and mastering Workshops, Ableton, Traktor and many more.) 
  • BIMM Berlin- British university for bachelor education in the music and media industry( B.A. Music Business, B.A. Drums, B.A. Guitar, B.A. Musicproduction, B.A. Songwriting
  • Berlin School of Sound - Mentoring and short hands-on courses on sound art and experimental music, as well as participation in exhibition/performance series and festivals.

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