Music & Games - Music Pool Berlin x SAE Community Evening

Wednesday, 18 December, 2019 - 19:30
SAE Institute, Cuvrystr. 4, Kreuzberg

This Music Pool Community evening organized in collaboration with SAE institute looks into music composition, production, and sound design for games. In the conversation we aim to look both into the artistic and creative part of making music for games, as well as explore how the game industry works and how to collaborate with game developers and companies as musicians and producers. How to approach making music and sound for games? What is to be considered in the composing and design process? Which tools are being used? And - What are the Berlin and German based game scenes like and how do they compare to the international level? What are differences between mainstream and indie scenes, and where to find your place? What are recommendations to get a foot into the game scenes, and how to start? What are good networking events to meet the right people? How does the game business work, and what role does music play in it?

Join our conversation with:

Christan Raters, Lyrebird
Lyrebird is Christian Raters and Julian Meybohm. They are specialized in Sound Design, Adaptive Game Sound Implementation, 3D-Audio, Restoration, Game Programming Solutions and Development. The lyrebird is an Australian bird which can authentically imitate almost any sound from its environment. This includes more than a thousand birdsongs as well as animal cries and anthropogenic sounds such as chainsaws, cameras and radio messages. Recreation of realistic sounds as well as synthetical sound design is one mission of “Lyrebird Game + Audio GmbH”.

Lena Kilkka, Framefield
Lena is the in-house composer and sound designer at Framefield GmbH, a design agency in Berlin that specializes in realtime interactive 3D graphics and AR/VR/XR applications. Together with the support of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg they released the VR bird-flight simulation game, “Welcome Above” (2018) - a music-driven experience, where you can build your own ethereal soundtrack while flying through surreal worlds. Lena is also an active musician and producer in several live bands and audiovisual projects as well as in the so-called demoscene, a long-standing, international computer-arts subculture.

Anton Aklin, freelance composer for games
Anton Aklin is a composer and audio engineer at his own sound studio in Berlin, where he produces audio content for games and short films from start to finish. Anton has worked with such reputable projects as Catan Universe (2017-2018), digitized version of the board game Die Siedler von Catan, and Blood Rage, a massive project, in which Anton is currently involved, developing his collaboration with Exozet, a digital agency in the media and entertainment segment.

Lukas Meinardus, Syndrone
Lukas founded Syndrone together with his colleague and friend Alexander Eckhardt in 2011. Since then they have been working on different movie and game soundtracks. They specialized in adaptive music systems and immersive sound design. Their latest projects include: Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Megagon Industires), Hitch Hiker (Mad about Pandas), Flame (Vision Ceeper).

Moderation: Lucas Lombardo, SAE Institute

Game sounds before and after the conversation by: Julian Meybohm, Lyrebird