Ran Nir

Born in 1984 in Jerusalem, Israel. Ran Nir is a musician, producer & Music company owner, mostly known for his work as the bass player and co-founder of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, lead singer and songwriter of LFNT. In 2019 he will release his debut album under his own name. Ran has been making music since he was a kid and has always had a big passion for creating music and understanding the music business. In the last 13 years Ran was traveling the world touring with either Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, LFNT or solo playing and creating music. In 2022, Ran has released a fantastic new album, called "Greener Pastures", which can be found at BANDCAMP. Along his way Ran got to know and meet many different people from the music business, from: labels, A&R, project managers, promotors, booking agents, publishers to tour managers and roadies, and of course, bands and musicians. A lot of bands & musicians. As an independent artist & musician Ran took it upon himself to get as close and familiar with the music business as possible, gathering skills and information that will help him navigate in today's ever-changing music world. In 2015, together with his then manager, Andrew Campbell, Ran started I Am You Music Group (which is now part of STEAM Music), a music management company that expended into publishing, booking and a label. The company's management side is focused on exporting Israeli acts to the rest of the world and manages six acts at the moment, including ORI, Totemo, Sivan Talmor and others. The company expended in the three years since it's establishment and now has a total of six employees and works for and with dozens of artists in different fields. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, I Am You had to close its business - thus, Ran is now focusing on production, publishing and scoring. Nowadays, Ran runs a publishing edition called Magic Rose Music. (c) Pic by Boaz Arad